Company Profile

As the first company to produce microfine cement in Australia, we are proud to offer a unique, homegrown solution for your construction needs.

At EcoFine®, we are deeply committed to building a sustainable future. Our environmentally conscious products contain no soil-polluting properties and consist entirely of inorganic materials. This means that our cements pose no risk of pollution to underground water or soil, allowing you to work confidently with our products while preserving the environment.

Our products are certified by NATA, meeting stringent Australian Standards. NATA testing confirms our EcoFine SBF at a remarkable 9900 cm2/g, guaranteeing superior fineness and flowability compared to other products on the Australian and global markets. Experience unparalleled penetration and permeation qualities for filling voids, rock fissures, and various soil types with outstanding durability.

Recent Projects

  • Preventing settlement of roads and embankments to be constructed on weak ground
  • Preventing heaving and boiling embankments inside cofferdams
  • Stabilisation of soil in zones susceptible to landslides
  • Remedying and preventing differential settlement of oil tanks
  • Fixation and water sealing in fractured zone during tunnel construction
  • Curtain grouting for dams and embankments
  • Ensuring leak-tightness of retention dykes around oil tanks
  • Stabilisation and sealing of work faces in shield tunnelling and pipe insertion work
  • Water sealing of joints on water and sewerage mains
  • Water sealing of tunnel walls, dam bases and reservoir bases
  • Underground oil storage facilities
  • Preventing seepage of river embankments

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